About Us

TRANSROYAL is a private courier company established with the intention of becoming an organization of distinction capable of extra dimension in services with emphasis on Efficiency, Reliability, Innovative Services, Security and Speed.

Our Vision

It is our vision to create TRUST channeled to ensure RELIABILITY and keep the customer’s CONFIDENCE at all times.

Our Mission

Our mission is to develop relevant expertise in specific areas of the national socio-economic system through bridging the gaps in communications in order to encourage in-depth industrial growth and also achieve social and economic success for the investors.

Our Network

TransRoyal Courier Operates in all state capitals, major cities, most Local Government Head Quarters and all towns and cities.  These branches are equipped with delivery logistics such as Bikes and Vans to ensure pick up and delivery of our customers’ shipments.

Other Services

thumb_img1Clearing & Forwarding
At Transroyal Courier Ltd, Clearing and Forwarding services are tailored to meet your needs in the global market our staff are highly experienced..

thumb_img2Provision of address verification services (KYC)
Provision of address verification services (KYC)


Bulk Mail Service
At Transroyal we undertake the distribution of the following range of products. Letters of invitation, Circulars, Seasonal mails…