TRANSROYAL is a private courier company established with the intention of becoming an organization of distinction capable of extra dimension in services with emphasis on Efficiency, Reliability, Innovative Services, Security and Speed.

  • Setting of standards in terms of quality and efficiency in sales, operations and customer service.
  • Greatly improving on customer expectations in terms of efficiency and reliability.
  • Provision of the most cost – effective courier guaranteed service.
  • Provision of products and services that would be highly appreciated and accepted by the customer.
  • Striving to create wealth for the Investors to demonstrate the viability of the courier business as a profitable venture.
  • To ensure adequate security in the handling and processing of our entire customer Courier Products.
  • To always maintain a flexible pricing policy that would be beneficial to both the customer and TransRoyal Courier without lowering standards.
  • To attain these objectives, TRC has employed quality staff both from our competitors and other related fields with adequate manpower development programme and good work environment for optimum productivity.

The company’s driving force is the specialized services and range of product it offers, its competitive advantages in giving customers value for their money and tailoring services to customer’s needs. Its guiding business philosophy is TRUST channeled to ensure RELIABILITY and keep the customers CONFIDENCE at all times.